Genus Procelsterna

  • Grey Noddy or Blue-grey Noddy Procelsterna cerulea. Seven subspecies in the Pacific Ocean, sedentary in breeding ranges:
    • P. c. cerulea. Breeding Christmas Island.
    • P. c. saxatilis. breeding Hawaiian Chain.
    • P. c. teretirostris. Society, Marquesas ant Tuamotu Is.
    • P. c. albivittata. Lord howe, Norfolk, Kermadec and Friendly Is.
    • P. c. skottsbergii. Henderson and Easter Is.
    • P. c. nebouxi. Phoenix, Ellice and Samoan Is.
    • P. c. imitatrix. San Ambrose, San Felix off Chile.

Genus Anous

  • Common Noddy Anous stolidus. Four subspecies in tropical and subtropical seas around the world.
    • A. s. stolidus. Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea and subtropical zone of the Atlantic Ocean.
    • A. s. pileatus. Red Sea, Idian Ocean, off Australia and greater part of the Pacific Ocean.
    • A. s. galapagensis. Around Galapagos Is.
    • A. s. ridgwayi. Islands off western Mexico and Central America.
  • Lesser Noddy Anous tenuirostris. Two subspecies, only in Indian Ocean.
    • A. t. tenuirostris. Seychelles Chain.
    • A. t. melanops. Islands off western Australia.

White-capped Black Noddy Anous minutus minutus
Culmen: 43.8 mm; total: 82.2 mm

  • Black Noddy or White-capped Noddy Anous minutus. Seven subspecies in Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.
    • A. m. minutus. Western Pacific, from Tuamotu to Queensland, Australia.
    • A. m. marcusi. Marcus and Wake Is. and Micronesia.
    • A. m. diamesus. Clipperton and Cocos Is.
    • A. m. worcesteri. Islands off Philippines.
    • A. m. melanogenys. Hawaiian Islands.
    • A. m. americanus. Islands off Belize.
    • A. m. atlanticus. Atlantic from St. Paul's Rocks to St. Helena and Ascension I.

Genus Gygis

One species, wide ranging throughout tropical seas.

  • White Tern or Fairy Tern Gygys alba. Six subspecies:
    • G. a. alba. Atlantic Ocean.
    • G. a. monte. Indian Ocean: Seychelles, Madagascar and Mascarene Is.
    • G. a. royana. Kermadec and Norfolk Is.
    • G. a. candida. Southwest Pacific Ocean.
    • G. a. rothschildi. Laysan Island.
    • G. a. microrhyncha. Marquesas Is.
    • G. a. pacifica. South Pacific east to Easter I.